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Innovative and sustainable model that uses artificial intelligence to manage deliveries of food/non-food and horeca products

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What is Dingoo?

Sustainable e-commerce company that through a disruptive model
intends to optimize the way grocery deliveries are made.


Through an artificial intelligence
model we aim to ensure the most
efficient service to the customer.


We assume an ambitious and
distinctive commitment to current
offers on the market and
guarantee our customers the
optimal delivery of their orders.


Our vision is to revolutionize the
way e-commerce retail groceries
and horeca channel are managed,
offering value and transparency in
the same day delivery service.


Transform the delivery market
and create the highest quality
shopping experience possible.


At Dingoo, we ensure the best customer service while
having a sustainable impact on society, the economy
and the environment.

Market context

The boom of online shopping has made critical the way orders
reach consumers.

There are higher standards on the way people have access to their
orders and factors such as speed, quality of the products upon
arrival or the access consumer have to the delivery cycle, have
become priorities. The “last mile” is a part of the shopping

A positive or negative experience is a differentiating factor in the
relationship between brands and their costumers. The home
delivery of food orders must quickly adjust to the current
consumption context and serve a consumer that increasingly seeks
convenience, quality, supply variety and sustainable practices.

It is the operators specialized in this service that will face the
challenge of transforming the home delivery market and creating a
shopping experience with the highest value possible.

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